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Increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment and increase average order value with Twiggy.

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Offer your customers an efficient product search, as well as valuable results from image searches.


Twiggy is not just a visual search

The real value of twiggy in the data that can enhance your customer’s shopping experience.


It's a gold mine of valuable data

By analyzing user preferences and emerging fashion trends, we provide in-depth information on consumer behavior and market insights. Use this data to adjust your marketing strategy, develop targeted campaigns, and make informed decisions to drive your business further.

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Simple Implementation and Seamless Integration

Our dedicated team is ready to help seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing platform.


Turn your store into a customizable style guide

Dynamic product recommendations that respond to customer photos in real time.

Speed up your shopping journey

Make navigation easier with our powerful e-commerce personalization tool and increase your conversion rate.

Create an Omnichannel experience

Target shoppers with items that complement their look - whether they're in-store or online. Cross-Sell and increase the average order value effortlessly.

A personalized clothing recommendation solution

Customizable solutions for any fashion segment. Deliver personalized online shopping experiences to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Achieve your sustainability goals effortlessly

Match shoppers with products that suit their style, and they will love, buy and keep. Instantly improve return rates and inventory turnover to reduce your environmental impact on our planet.

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Stand out from the competition

Twiggy puts you ahead of the competition.

By implementing our innovative solution on your website, you offer customers a unique and intuitive way to discover and buy fashion products. Show your customers that you’re committed to offering a unique shopping experience by instantly connecting them with the pieces they want, with just a photo. Take advantage of our cutting-edge technology and stand out as a market leader.


+ conversion into sales


Increase average order value


Revenue increase by


Simple Implementation and Seamless Integration

The real value of twiggy lies in the data that can enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

plug and play

Our dedicated team is ready to help seamlessly integrate our solution into your existing platform

Ensuring a smooth experience for you and your customers. We provide ongoing technical support to ensure you get the most out of Twiggy’s features.

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